Ellen Karis Podcast - Interview with Mott Haven's Actors and Producers

Before heading off to Dubway Studios to work on sound design, producers and actors of Mott Haven did a one hour podcast with The Greek Goddess of Comedy, Ellen Karis at the famous Comic Strip on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. 

Radio Interview of Mott Haven's Filmmakers on "Chirp About It"

"Mott Haven" movie puts the Bronx in the spotlight

Photo by Adiana Rivera. On the set of ‘Mott Haven’ being filmed at Double Dutch Espresso.

Lights, camera, action!

The Bronx is stealing the spotlight from Hollywood with a new, feature length film titled ‘Mott Haven,’ starring Robert Davi, best known as Special Agent Johnson in ‘Die Hard’ and Bronx actor Chuck Zito of the show, ‘Sons of Anarchy.’

Expected to debut around springtime, the movie follows Davi’s character Hal Stewart, a down on his luck former radio mogul that’s fallen on hard times.

After he enlists the aid of a beleaguered businessman, Michael Roman played by Paul Wilson to battle a thuggish superintendent, Ray Pizzalongo played by Zito, the film shows what life is like in the changing south Bronx and how a group of tenants called ‘The Tribe’ overcome efforts to force them from their homes.

The film is directed, produced and written by trio Michael Domino, Jesse Wakeman and Robert Mladinich.

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Photo by Adiana Rivera. The crew of ‘Mott Haven’ films at Bronx Native clothing store.
Photo by Adiana Rivera. A close-up in between shooting scenes at Double Dutch Espresso.

Mott Haven Featured on BronxNet

BronxNet “Open” Host Rina Valentin made us all feel so welcome and relaxed as we shared stories about the creation, production, and themes of our feature film Mott Haven. Thank you, Rina and Skye Stracke, and Ajae Gonzalez and Robert Mladinich for making this wonderful event happen.

Watch the "Talking About" video featuring Mott Haven

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