Michael Domino Wins Best Director Award at the Mott Haven Film Festival

Mott Haven: Cash for Keys director/writer/producer Michael Domino won the Best Director award at the Mott Haven Film Festival 2021!

Michael Domino

The festival’s mission is to elevate The Bronx film festival voice in New York and around the world.

"Mott Haven: Cash for Keys" & "The Expediter" Official Selections of the Mott Haven Film Festival

“Mott Haven: Cash for Keys” and “The Expediter” are official selections of the Mott Haven Film Festival. We are elated to be a part of the local event and network with residents and visitors of this unique area in the Bronx. The festival is scheduled for October 9-10, 2021 and will be a hybrid event allowing movie viewers to watch at the venue and virtually. The venue is at Kreate Hub 15 Canal Pl Bronx, NY 10451. Please be advised that due to the NYC Mandate, please be prepared to show your Vaccination card and/or a PCR taken 48 hours before MHFF entry.  


The Mott Haven film festival is Bronx based. Founder & Executive Director Ninoska Carolina was raised in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx and wanted to give back to the community. That’s when the idea of creating a film festival to represent Mott Haven came to mind. The Mott Haven Film Festival was born to show support in the South Bronx while elevating the film voice of the Borough. 

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mott haven
Writer/Director Michael Domino officially launched his Domino Pictures with the release of Mott Haven-Cash For Keys; based on his book (written with Robert Mladinich) toplining Robert Davi and Paul Wilson, earlier this month.
The movie Mott Haven not only focuses on saving the South Bronx inhabitants in the film, but it also brings an important light to the need to save the environment. Bringing the two causes together adds power to a movie that has become a much talked about title at the festivals where is has screened.

Five Star Review of Mott Haven

“The souls of men are ultimately redeemable. The existential crises of man, besides having global dimensions, also will inevitably emerge on a local, more personal level. As in Katherine Anne Porter’s Ship of Fools, disparate and unique personalities may find themselves thrown together in an unlikely kinship, with a common thread of angst.
Mott Haven: Cash for Keys illuminates two distinct avenues of mankind’s struggle, both contemporary and classical; the ancient class conflict as the common man rails against his abuse by the privileged corporate oligarchs, and, in this case, the inexorable demolition of the environment resulting from the callous use and overuse of plastics.
The protagonist, Hal, played by Robert Davi, emerges as the battlefield commander of a group of tenants who are being pressured to vacate their apartments in a building slated to be demolished in the gentrification of their corner of the South Bronx in New York City. Unfortunately, Hal is not the Don Quixote-like defender of the rights of the common man, but has an agenda forged from his own troubled but successful life. As a former broadcasting mogul who owned multiple radio outlets on the east coast before personal challenges, Hal, was known fondly as “Radio Man” with a nod to his former history. Ultimately, with the skilled negotiation assistance of Mike, the owner of a nearby plastics recycling company, a generous settlement with the building’s owners is reached. Hal makes questionable use of part of the proceeds in what could justifiable be called embezzlement. Through these complex and emotional interactions with the “tribe” of apartment dwellers led by Radio Man, Mike achieves a sort of redemption of his own soul as he shifts his pecuniary focus to understanding the real impact of the befouling plastics he built his business upon. Hal achieves his own epiphany as he finally supports each tenant in pursuing their personal dreams.
The production is stirring and emotional, motivating and captivating, and finally leads to the “release from bondage” of the travelers in this human voyage.”

Michael Domino Film Plumbs Depths of South Bronx Despair, Redemption

via The NY Independent

Writer/Director Michael Domino officially launches his Domino Pictures release today (July 6) titled “Mott Haven-Cash For Keys.”

It’s based on his book written with Robert Mladinich, toplining Robert Davi and Paul Wilson.

The movie not only focuses on saving South Bronx inhabitants, but it also brings an important focus on the need to save the environment.

Read the full story here:

Mott Haven: Cash for Keys is Now Streaming

We are thrilled to announce that Mott Haven: Cash for Keys is now streaming on Amazon, Spectrum and VUDU!

Watch it here:,,

This one one of a kind drama starring Robert Davi as Radio Man, chronicles the relationship between a beleaguered South Bronx businessman named Michael Roman and Hal Stewart, a one time radio mogul who has fallen on hard times and is residing in an apartment building that developers want to destroy in order to bring gentrification to the area.

When Roman learns that Stewart and five fellow holdouts are being harassed by a thuggish superintendent, played by Chuck Zito, who has been hired by a corporate entity, Mike’s good intentions bring him face to face with a litany of personal demons. The arduous relationship he developed with Stewart, who was also plagued by an abundance of emotional burdens, was put to the test as they take on outside forces while wrestling with their own torment. The film stars Robert Davi and Paul Wilson and features Chuck Zito, Deborah Green, Brandi Porter and Skye Stracke.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Mott Haven: Cash for Keys Release Date July 6

We are pleased to announce that Mott Haven: Cash for Keys will be released on a number of major platforms as of July 6, 2021. 

Mott Haven Winning Movie on South Bronx and Environment [Video]


The movie “Mott Haven Cash for Keys” not only focuses on saving the South Bronx inhabitants, but it also brings important light to the need to save the environment from the harmful effects of plastic waste. Bringing the two causes together adds power to the movie that has become a hit as it wows multiple film festival audiences and critics for its powerful story and acting.

Award-winning actor, Robert Davi, best known as Special Agent Johnson in ‘Die Hard,’ stars in “Mott Haven” as the Zen-like “radioman,” Hal opposite Paul Wilson who plays the feeling lost Mike Roman. The character of Roman is based on the co-writer, director and producer of the movie, Michael Domino.

Read the full story here:

Mott Haven Screening at Chain NYC

indie film festival

Chain NYC Film Festival Awards BEST ACTOR to Paul Wilson!

Be sure to check out Mott Haven: Cash for Keys at the Chain NYC Film Festival starting December 3 at 7PM EST.
Stay tuned at the end of the movie for an exclusive interview with Writer/Director/Producer Michael Domino.



DEC. 3RD – DEC. 13TH 2020

NEW YORK, NY; November 30, 2020: Mott Haven: Cash for Keys is pleased to announce its screening as part of the eighth annual festival Chain NYC Film Festival. The film chosen is one of over 150 selections of features, shorts and web series, both narrative and documentary, to screen virtually over the course of 10 days. Mott Haven will be part of the collective voice of filmmakers from around the world. The screening will be available virtually Dec.3rd – Dec.13th and will be immediately followed by a talk back with Michael Domino.

Mott Haven stars Robert Davi as Hal Stewart, aka Radio Man, a former radio mogul who has fallen on hard times, and Paul Wilson as Mike Roman, a beleaguered South Bronx businessman. After a fateful meeting on a park bench, the two form an unlikely alliance in order to battle a thuggish superintendent who has been hired by landlords to extricate Radio Man and several holdouts from a local tenement building – by any means necessary.

Tickets are $11 for each screening block and can be purchased online through or 

The 2020 Chain NYC Film Festival will be viewable via Eventive—the premier platform for online festivals. Viewers may purchase tickets online and screen on any computer, laptop, mobile device or their own television with the use of Apple TV or a Roku. 

Awards will be given out in a number of categories including a NY Filmmaker Award, dedicated to filmmakers living in one of the five boroughs of NYC, the Audience Favorite Award, where viewers may vote for their favorite online, and the Filmmakers Choice, where filmmakers vote for each other in the festival. This year’s festival is sponsored by Blue Point Brewery. 

About the Chain NYC Film Festival 

Chain NYC Film Festival has screened over 1000 films in the past seven years. Past festival participants such as Lady in Apartment No. 6 have gone on to win Academy Awards. “Personal stories. Original ideas. New work.” The Chain NYC Film Festival is a multi- disciplinary event that serves the NYC community by bringing quality independent film from around the world. Content accepted is work that comes from a personal experience, a new outlook or idea in the world of film, and has been produced within the past two years. Chain regularly invites an award-winning giant in the film industry to come and speak about their work. Past guests include Richard LaGravenese (The Fisher King, Behind the Candelabra) and Richard Price (The Color of Money, The Wire). @chainfilmfest

Chain Film Festival Media Contact: Katie Rosin / Kampfire PR / 917-562-5670 / [email protected]

2020 Chain NYC Film Festival Awards Ceremony

Stream begins December 13, 2020 5:00 PM EST

Mott Haven Wins "Best Director" and "Best Actor" at CFCF2020

Central Florida Cinefest 2020 Awards

Central Florida CineFest 2020 Best Actor in a Feature Film Winner is Paul Wilson and Best Director winner is Michael Domino! Congratulations to all cast and crew! Thank you Central Florida CineFest!

More details at:

Mott Haven Wins "Best Feature Film" at Madrid IFF2020

Madrid IFF 2020 Best Feature Film winner is Mott Haven! Congratulations to all cast and crew! Thank you Madrid International Film Festival!

Mott Haven Selected by the Orlando Film Festival

Orlando Film Festival

Mott Haven is an official selection of the Orlando Film Festival!
The Orlando Film Festival is named one of the Top-25 “Coolest Film Festivals in the World” by Moviemaker Magazine. Many films showcased at OFF have gone on to secure worldwide distribution and critical acclaim, including Oscars.
Due to the Covid-19 crisis OFF has had to make the difficult decision, like many other festivals, to hold the festival in a virtual environment this year.
Stay tuned for schedules and updates. More details at:

Mott Haven Selected by the Central Florida CineFest

Mott Haven is an official selection of the Central Florida CineFest. The Central Florida CineFest is an annual international film festival in Orlando Florida offering a platform for several emerging filmmakers to tell their original stories in the hopes of inspiring the audience. Online screening date: November 13-15 2020. Award Ceremony on November 15th, 2020.

More details at:

Talking About: Mott Haven

Cara Kilduff and Jonathan Griffith discuss the the creative inspiration and process of making the film “Mott Haven” with filmmakers Mike Domino and Bob Mladinich.

Mott Haven Selected by the World Cinema Antwerp Festival

The Festival week opens with screening from 10am on the 26th of October Belgium time. The week builds up to our internationally renowned Red-Carpet International Awards Ceremony online on the 30th of October with the Awards Evening beginning at 6pm where our Host for the evening will guide us through each Filmmaker Award. The whole evening is a five to six-hour exhibition of art and beauty where a number of Filmmakers will win one of our prestigious International awards. We invite you to enjoy the evening with us online.

Stay tuned for the full list of events and the nominations:

Mott Haven Selected by the Chain NYC Film Festival

The 8th Annual Chain NYC Film Festival (Chain NYC) is known for celebrating personal stories and original ideas in the heart of midtown NYC. The festival has proven to be an emerging festival to watch out for – in 2019 the festival screened more than 100 films and doubled in submission size. With the goal of sparking exciting dialogue between filmmakers and their audiences, Chain NYC comes alive in New York City. 

Follow Chain NYC on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the festival’s schedule.

Mott Haven Selected by the Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival

Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival will be fusing the spirit of the Canadian people and combining it with a full international programme of films from every walk of life.

The week-long celebration brings together the indie filmmaking community with a sole focus on the filmmakers, their teams, and their achievements. Awards are 100% audience choice where the winners enjoy automatic official selections at all of the subsequent Lift-Off global film festivals. Canadian Indie Cinema is some of the best in the world; we want to attract and increase the number of Canadian Filmmakers we showcase, along with having a true international indie film festival in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth.

Follow the Toronto Lift-Off Festival on Facebook for schedule updates and details.

Mott Haven Selected by the Madrid International Film Festival

The Festival takes place in Madrid opening on the 1st of August 2020 – with the International Red Carpet Awards Ceremony on the 8th of August 2020.

The Festival week opens with a full festival-screening programme from the 1st to the 7th of August. On the evening of August 1st there will be a meet and greet at 8.30 pm in the main hotel Festival bar and full screening will start on August 2nd.

The week builds up to a Red Carpet International Awards Ceremony on the 8th of August.

More details at:

Mott Haven Selected by the Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival

Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival

Since the invention of the medium, Japanese cinema has produced some of the most enchanting and captivating filmmaking the world has ever seen. From the Samurai war films that inspired the likes of Star Wars, through to the massive anime motion picture industry and the exceptional horror flicks of the 1990’s – Japanese storytelling on the silver screen has been nothing short of excellent.

The  film festival based in Tokyo showcases global entrants and to attract the next generation of Japanese filmmakers into the Lift-Off Network. Spanning a week long celebration in the heart of Japanese modern culture, Tokyo Lift-Off will be an exciting exchange of truly extraordinary cinema.  

Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2020 (Trendsetters) is now live to the public and accepting votes!



Mott Haven Selected by the Manhattan Film Festival

MFF 2020

The 14th annual Manhattan Film Festival will again be hosted at the loved Cinema Village. MFF will screen 14 consecutive days in the legendary New York City theater. 

The Manhattan Film Festival was originally founded as the Independent Features Film Festival. Hosted at the then Tribeca Cinemas, it was the first film festival in which film selection was done online via a web-based competition. The festival continued to innovate and became the first to introduce a virtual platform. Shortly thereafter, the State of New York approved a name reservation to become the Manhattan Film Festival. The rest is history. Upon this transition, MFF became a traditional film festival, in which their programming team works very hard to annually program a diverse film lineup of established, emerging, and student filmmakers.

More details here:

Mott Haven Selected by the Sunscreen Film Festival

The 15th annual Sunscreen Film Festival will be held Sept. 24-27th, 2020 in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.

Film screenings take place at the AMC Theatres Sundial.

More details at:

Use coupon code SSFF20Filmmaker for a 50% discount on tickets.  

  1. 15th Annual festival is still on as re-scheduled for Sept. 24-27, 2020.  Updated Schedule here.
  2. AMC Theaters Sundial has confirmed they are a go and all screenings will take place there. They have delayed opening but should be open by our dates.
  3. This is AMC’s clean and safe protocol information
  4. The festival is following all established guidelines and the number-one priority is the health and safety of both Festival attendees and the entire community. 
  5. Sunscreen is following the lead of other in person festivals that will occur like the Toronto Film Fest by establishing new protocols. Sunscreen will occur but with physical distancing, online only ticketing, no printed programs and other safety measures.
  6. Since screen capacities will be at 50% the festival and AMC have added more screens so most films will have multiple screenings to accommodate attendees.
  7. Workshops are always very popular and those are yet to be determined. Some workshops will take place at AMC some at the Hilton Bayfront in downtown St. Pete. Once speakers and the schedules are set those will of course follow all physical distancing and safety protocols.
  8. We do understand that many people will not be traveling in to attend the festival this year. For those that do wish to attend the Hilton Bayfront Downtown St. Petersburg is the official Hotel.
  9. This is the link for the discounted rate and to book
  10. Reservations can also be made by individuals calling the Hotel Reservations at 1-800-HILTONS (1-800-445-8667). Individuals must identify themselves as being with the group, Sunscreen 15th Annual Film Festival, at the time the reservation is made in order to receive the special group rate of $144 per night. 

Robert Davi & Paul Wilson World Premiere Interview

Actors Robert Davi and Paul Wilson discuss the making of Mott Haven: Cash for Keys at the film’s World Premiere at Chandler International Film Festival.  CIFF 2020.

Mott Haven Wins People's Choice Award at its World Premiere

Mott Haven: Cash for Keys is the People’s Choice Award Winner at Chandler International Film Festival 2020.

Thank you to the CIFF committee for selecting our film for its world premiere. Congratulations to the amazing team that helped create the unique independent film. We are grateful to the good people of Mott Haven in the South Bronx who generously welcomed us to their community and assisted with our film.

Filmmaker Michael Domino proudly displays the award at CIFF 2020.

mott haven

AZTV Interview with Paul Wilson on Mott Haven World Premiere

Mott Haven: Cash for Keys actor Paul Wilson discusses the World Premiere of the new award-winning independent film at the Chandler International Film Festival 2020.  

5 Films to See at the Chandler Film Festival

(Via Arizona Foothills Magazine) Chandler International Film Festival returns Friday, Jan. 17, to Monday, Jan. 20. The festival will feature over 120 films from more than 35 countries and six continents screening at Harkins Chandler Fashion Center. Here are a few you won’t want to miss.  

mott haven film

Mott Haven

The closing day film making its world premiere is Michael Domino’s drama “Mott Haven,” starring Robert Davi as a former radio mogul who has fallen on hard times. He enlists the aid of a beleaguered businessman (Paul Wilson) to battle a thuggish superintendent (Chuck Zito) and the forces of gentrification in the South Bronx. Domino and actors Davi and Wilson will participate in a Q & A moderated following the film. Clip: 

Mott Haven Selected by the Chandler International Film Festival

We’re thrilled to announce that Mott Haven: Cash for Keys will premiere at The Chandler International Film Festival. The film stars Robert Davi, Paul Wilson, with Chuck Zito, Deborah Green, and Brandi Porter. 

The Chandler International Film Festival (CIFF) began in 2016 with a simple idea to share international films in a local setting. CIFF is proudly located in Chandler, Arizona and is one of the fastest-growing film festivals in Arizona. The festival is honored to partner with the City of Chandler in connection with the city’s 25th annual Multicultural Festival.  The city’s diverse population contributes to the festival’s success. 

CIFF will be screening over 150 films at this annual event. Starting on Friday January 17th, 2020, the four-day festival will include: Red Carpet Opening Ceremony, Special World Premiere Shows, Film-making Workshops, Discussion Panels, Nightly After Parties & Closing Award Ceremony. 

Mott Haven actors Robert Davi and Paul Wilson will be attending CIFF as well as writer/director/producer Michael Domino. 

We hope to see you there! Click here for tickets:


Ellen Karis Podcast - Interview with Mott Haven's Actors and Producers

Before heading off to Dubway Studios to work on sound design, producers and actors of Mott Haven did a one hour podcast with The Greek Goddess of Comedy, Ellen Karis at the famous Comic Strip on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. 

Radio Interview of Mott Haven's Filmmakers on "Chirp About It"

"Mott Haven" movie puts the Bronx in the spotlight

Photo by Adiana Rivera. On the set of ‘Mott Haven’ being filmed at Double Dutch Espresso.

Lights, camera, action!

The Bronx is stealing the spotlight from Hollywood with a new, feature length film titled ‘Mott Haven,’ starring Robert Davi, best known as Special Agent Johnson in ‘Die Hard’ and Bronx actor Chuck Zito of the show, ‘Sons of Anarchy.’

Expected to debut around springtime, the movie follows Davi’s character Hal Stewart, a down on his luck former radio mogul that’s fallen on hard times.

After he enlists the aid of a beleaguered businessman, Michael Roman played by Paul Wilson to battle a thuggish superintendent, Ray Pizzalongo played by Zito, the film shows what life is like in the changing south Bronx and how a group of tenants called ‘The Tribe’ overcome efforts to force them from their homes.

The film is directed, produced and written by trio Michael Domino, Jesse Wakeman and Robert Mladinich.

Read the full story here:

Photo by Adiana Rivera. The crew of ‘Mott Haven’ films at Bronx Native clothing store.
Photo by Adiana Rivera. A close-up in between shooting scenes at Double Dutch Espresso.

Mott Haven Featured on BronxNet

BronxNet “Open” Host Rina Valentin made us all feel so welcome and relaxed as we shared stories about the creation, production, and themes of our feature film Mott Haven. Thank you, Rina and Skye Stracke, Ajae Gonzalez and Robert Mladinich for making this wonderful event happen.

Premiere of Honor Amongst Men - a New Film Starring Mott Haven's Chuck Zito

Chuck Zito is proudly premiering his own movie on Thursday, November 14th in Bellmore, Long Island. 

Please join Chuck and his fellow filmmakers for a night to remember. All are welcome!

The first 200 people to arrive at the Bellmore Movies will receive a FREE SIGNED COPY of CHUCK ZITO’S book “STREET JUSTICE”

EDWARD C. Wahl presents a Chuck Zito Screening of “HONOR AMONGST MEN”. 

Director Fred Carpenter 

Casting Director MaryAnn Flynn-Giannino 

Please join Cast, Crew, Family & Friends for FREE SCREENING!

Ride with the SATAN’S FEW to Bellmore, Everyone meet at the NEW ROCHELLE DINER, 7PM. The PACK leaves at 7:45 sharp! 

“HONOR AMONGST MEN” is a dramatic thriller about a day in the life of John Halmo (Robert Clohessy), a veteran police officer who is trying to juggle his turbulent home life, the daily stresses of his job, and the apparent inevitable biker war that’s about to engulf his hometown. While struggling through a particularly tough day, he finds himself on a collision course with Frank LaCarver (Chuck Zito), the leader of a violent biker gang (SATAN’S FEW) who is obsessed with avenging the murder of his brother. These are two men from different sides of the tracks, with different missions, but with one things in common: “An Old Fashioned Code Of Honor”.

Mott Haven's Robert Davi Performs Live January 25, 2020 at Birdland Theater

Join us at the Birdland Theater for Robert Davi in Davi’s Way!

While he is recognized as one of film’s best-known tough guys, Robert Davi has been winning the respect and admiration of fans, critics and fellow artists with his expressive singing. His Album, Davi Sings Sinatra: On The Road To Romance, produced by the legendary Phil Ramone, catapulted its way into Billboard magazine’s top ten (#6) traditional jazz chart.

While, Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance and his dynamic live performances may have surprised some of his fans, Davi’s love of music and entertaining began at an early age. At 15, he won First Place in the prestigious New York State School Music Association Solo Competition. As a young adult, he studied under several top vocal teachers including the legendary Tito Gobbi, Dan Ferro of Juilliard, Samuel Margolis (who taught Robert Merrill) and most recently, renowned vocal coach Gary Catona.

Click here for tickets.


Mott Haven was an entertaining character-driven film. It is refreshing to see a movie that is not bombarding you with special effects, CGI, and “phone it in” performances. Robert Davi delivers an excellent performance playing against type. I particularly enjoyed the twist ending (I won’t spoil it for you). This film explores the ongoing gentrification of urban areas in New York City. The filmmakers wisely choose to shoot this film on the very streets of Mott Haven. The real-world setting creates a sense of authenticity that a backlot set can not achieve The Mott Haven neighborhood is as much a character in this drama was the cast. The theme song for MOTT HAVEN was created by Tony Touch, Mr. Moe, and Sadat X. This song helps transport the viewing into the urban world at is the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx. I am confident that we will hear this song on R&B and Hip-Hop radio stations.” ~ Bill Ryan

“A very interesting and engaging movie. I like that it focuses on people and their stories, and is not a race from one special effect to the next. It is certainly a movie that will make you think, and then rethink, after which you’ll think again. Well done to the team who made this. I’m a Robert Davi fan, so I watched because of him, but I’m glad I did. The thinking, discerning viewer will enjoy this glimpse into the life of the ‘Tribe’ and their adventures.” ~ Danita Louw

“I thought the movie was excellent, real life characters that are identifiable and likable. The movie was thought provoking and in many ways reminds us to consider what’s really important in our lives and that people matter. Loved it.” ~ Brian Reilly


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