Mott Haven, a feature length indie film starring Robert Davi as Radio Man, chronicles the relationship between a beleaguered South Bronx businessman named Michael Roman and Hal Stewart, a one time radio mogul who has fallen on hard times and is residing in an apartment building that developers want to destroy in order to bring gentrification to the area. 

When Roman learns that Stewart and five fellow holdouts are being harassed by a thuggish superintendent who has been hired by a corporate entity, Mike’s good intentions bring him face to face with a litany of personal demons. The arduous relationship he develops with Stewart, who is also plagued by an abundance of emotional burdens, is put to the test as they take on outside forces while wrestling with their own torment.  

A film by Michael Domino, Jesse Wakeman and Robert Mladinich – creators of The Expediter www.TheExpediterFilm.com.

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mott haven

Starring Robert Davi, Chuck Zito, and Paul Wilson

Robert Davi
Chuck Zito
Paul Wilson

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